• Noticia

    Wild Lands

    A new melodrama arrives to Televisa by the hand of Salvador Mejía: Wild Lands, a telenovela that promises to captivate the audience end-to-end.

    Isabel Montalbán, an uptown girl, moves to a little town where her husband’s family, Luis Otero, lives. But this young woman’s presence in these lands will change the entire family’s destiny forever. Luis’ brothers, Sergio and Daniel, can’t help falling in love with Isabel, which will trigger a storm of emotions.

    Three men with opposite personalities, in love with the same woman, and a woman condemned to decide which of them she loves.

    A great cast participates in this production: Claudia Álvarez, Cristián de la Fuente, Diego Olivera, César Évora, Daniela Romo, Horacio Panchieri, Ximena Córdoba, and Nerea Camacho, the third youngest performer to win a Goya prize.

    Don’t miss this premiere coming soon through Televisa International’s catalogue.

  • Noticia

    My Husband’s Family

    Comedy and drama are about to combine in Juan Osorio’s new project for Televisa.

    Julieta dreams with getting married but without dealing with the in-laws and all the trouble they imply. Therefore, she finds the perfect man in Juan Pablo. Not only is he sensitive, generous and successful, but he is also free of those family bonds Julieta considers an obstacle to any couple’s happiness. Unexpectedly, everything changes. Her peace is cut off due to the usual problems a “daughter in law” has.

    My husband’s family; a refreshing and offbeat story that guarantees the promotion of family values, respect, and honesty; addressing current affairs in an unconventional way and reaching the audience right away.

    Zuria Vega, Daniel Arenas, Diana Bracho, Rafael Inclán, and Jessica Coch are some of the actors that will bring this story’s characters to life, in addition to Silvia Pinal’s return to telenovelas.

    This product will be available soon in Televisa International’s catalogue.