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    Televisa, making dreams come true, leaving borders aside.

    February 28/2017

    Last February 21st, Televisa welcomed Tea in its facilities, a 21 year old girl from Slovenia whose biggest dream was to visit the dream factory and meet her favorite actors face-to-face.

     Tea was diagnosed with the Goldenhar syndrome at birth, reason why she has spent most of her life in hospitals. She learned Spanish while she was hospitalized thanks to Televisa’s telenovelas, which she watched through channel POP TV from the network PRO PLUS. Thanks to her mother Samira, who used to read the subtitles out loud to her, Tea was able to understand the stories and eventually started speaking Spanish.

    POP TV’s contents include a show called “Dan Bellos Sueños” (Dan najlepših sanj) which aims at making the audience’s dreams come true. Tea’s little sister sent a letter explaining her sister’s dream and, luckily, it was elected to be fulfilled.

    Upon arriving to Mexico, Tea and her mom had the chance to visit Televisa’s facilities, getting to meet the cast of all her favorite telenovelas. 

    Tea also attended the show HOY as a special guest, where she had the opportunity to share more about her story with the audience. She also mentioned being Juan Diego Covarrubias’ fan, whom she met through “Valiant Love” and then in “Head over Heels”. What Tea ignored is that right that minute the actor would show up in the set to meet her.

    This is how the dream factory touches people’s feelings, leaving borders aside. 

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    “The Double Life of Estela Carrillo” is coming up next February

    January 30/2017

    “The Double Life of Estela Carrillo” is coming up next February; a new proposal for Televisa by successful Rosy Ocampo, producer of greatest hits like “The Prettiest Ugly Girl” “Anything but Plain” and “Life of Lies”

    Relying on Mexican regional music as a backup, this melodrama will also touch on significant topics like white slave trade, drug trafficking and immigration, including a great cast like Ariadne Díaz, David Zepeda, Danilo Carrera, Erika Buenfil, África Závala, and Alejandro Tomassi, among others.

    Soon, you will enjoy The Double Life of Estela Carrillo through Televisa Internacional and it will be offered by the sales team. 

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    Televisa is to release the telenovela “In love with Ramón” on February 20th

    January 30/2017

    Televisa is to release the telenovela “In love with Ramón” on February 20th. A fresh and romantic story produced by Lucero Suárez.

    Starred by great actors with a growing career like Esmeralda Pimentel and José Ron in the leading roles, and a great cast including: Marisol del Olmo, Marcelo Córdova, Lisset, Fabiola Guajardo, Nuria Bages, among others.

    In this story, two sisters lose their parents in a plane crash and everyone is shocked to learn through the testament’s reading that Juana, the nanny and maid, was designated as the beneficiary of a one million dollars life insurance, which will result in great disputes and thrilling events.

    You can’t miss this telenovela and all of its content through Televisa Internacional.

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    My Sweet Curse premiered successfully on Televisa’s screens last January 23rd

    January 30/2017

    My Sweet Curse premiered successfully on Televisa’s screens last January 23rd, with a positive response from the audience.

    This romantic melodrama is produced by Ignacio Sada and includes a refreshing young cast starring Renata Notni as Aurora, a poor girl from the town “El Salado”, who will suffer from a presumed curse; Pablo Lyle stars with her as Rodrigo, the handsome and refined rich boy from town who falls in love with Aurora at a very young age and, over time, will help her prove she has no curse in her.

    This telenovela also includes a great cast like: Laura Carmine, Roberto Blandón, Socorro Bonilla, José Carlos Ruíz, Cecilia Gabriela, Patricia Navidad, Maya Mishalska, among others.

    Don’t miss this moving love story which will be available through Televisa Internacional’s catalogue and will be offered by the sales team.


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    A Beloved Man had a successful premiere

    January 30/2017

    Being one of the most awaited telenovelas of the year, A Beloved Man had a successful premiere. Produced by Nicandro Díaz, creator of greatest hits on TV like “Tomorrow is Forever”, “True Love” and “Distilling Love”, this time he brings us this amusing story with a comedy touch.

    Odorico is a naughty and congenial man who wins the Mayor’s position of his small town under the promise of building a new cemetery. This way, he becomes the most loved and important man in Loreto, but also the most hated by his enemies, who will stop him at all cost and for different reasons, from keeping his promise.

    This telenovela is starred by Jesús Ochoa and a great cast including: Marilúz Bermúdez, Mark Tacher, Andrés Palacios, Chantal Andere, Nora Salinas, Irán Castillo, Laura Zapata, among others…

    This story and its material are available for you through the Televisa Internacional’s catalogue.