• Julia

    Actress:Adriana Louvier 

    She is Ángel’s daughter and Camila’s sister. A devoted, smart, and generous Pediatrician. Years ago, she was about to marry Mauricio, her greatest love, but she vanished without leaving a trace a few days before their wedding. She reappears in shock, not recalling anything of what happened, and she must adapt to a world that has changed. Specifically, Mauricio is now with another woman, her sister Camila. Nevertheless, she keeps her resolute and decisive character. She really wants to find out what happened to her along this lost years and she wants to move on with her life. This means quitting Mauricio and finding love next to someone else. Perhaps with the man she sees in her dreams, someone she met during her lost years.

  • Mauricio

    Actor:Danilo Carrera 

    He is Raúl son and Erika’s brother. An elegant and refined young man who always wanted to become a photographer, a dream he quit when Julia, the woman he loved, oddly disappeared without leaving a trace. From then on, he changed his life, became a successful businessman and married Camila despite he wasn’t in love with her and now they both have a son. He is surprised when Julia returns, and despite he has some unbreakable responsibilities, his love for her is reborn so he does anything he can to be with her again.

  • Camila

    Actress:Ana Layevska 

    She is Julia’s little sister, a sensual and beautiful woman but rather insecure, which caused her to have a serious addiction problem a few years ago. She likes to dress well and live with privileges. She is married to Mauricio with whom she is really in love and has a son. She has tried to take Julia’s role in Mauricio’s life and has even transformed herself to look like her. She has helped Mauricio overcome the loss of Julia and she believes she deserves to have a happy ending next to him. Julia’s return puts everything she has achieved in danger.

  • Dr. Miller 

    Actor:Fernando Ciangherotti 

    He is a man with unresolved issues in life. Since his daughter died of cancer, he became obsessed with finding a way to defeat dead through science, and ever since then he has been devoted to find the way to become immortal, eventually turning himself into a rogue, conscientious, and controlling man. He is the head of Nuevos Horizontes (New Horizons), the clinic where all the experiments led by Miller are carried out, and the place where Julia was operated over five years ago.

  • Raúl

    Actor:José Elías Moreno

    He is Mauricio and Érika’s father. An unscrupulous magnate who works in real estate. His lack of self-confidence makes him enjoy being the center of attention and make everything revolve around himself. He loves being the news and the topic of the conversation. He is merciless when it comes to hurting others just to get what he wants, and his biggest dream is to become the country’s President. He is a cynical man who doesn’t mind risking the love of his children.

  • Ángel

    Actor:Roberto Blandón 

    He is Julia and Camila’s father. A narcissist, irresponsible, and immature man who doesn’t give a fig for anyone else but himself. He doesn’t work, loves easy money, and has a gambling issue. Whenever he gets some money, he spends it all in trivialities. Julia’s disappearance gave him a short moment of fame and he took all the advantage he could out of it; so when his daughter returns, he tries to repeat the same formula as he doesn’t really care for Julia or Camila, he is just keen on money.

  • Dra. Arias 

    Actress:Tiaré Scanda 

    A sensitive and generous woman, a little obsessed with doing everything the best way. She works in the Nuevos Horizontes clinic. She started working there attracted by the big salary, but when she sees the way Miller treats patients, she regrets and tries to compensate for it. For this reason, when she saw a girl being abused, she helped her escape. That young girl is Julia. From then on, Rebeca must protect her own life.

  • Luis

    Actor:José Pablo Minor

    He is a good-hearted, honest, and truthful undergraduate. He is the person who finds Julia on the road. He offers to help her find out what happened when he sees her all hurt and confused… only with one condition: She must let him document the whole story for his school project. When he starts spending time with the people around Julia, he falls in love with Érika and tries to start a relationship with her.

  • Galina

    Actor:Gema Garoa 

    She is Raúl’s wife, a beautiful, clever, and determined Russian. She is very intelligent, loyal, and supportive with her family. She knows many secrets about Raúl, but she only uses them to keep him next to her and get anything she wants from him. She loves power and is aware that she needs to be very discerning and take advantage of anything that comes up in order to have some.

  • Érika

    Actress:Alejandra Robles Gil

    She is Raúl’s daughter and Mauricio’s sister. Just like him, she is a good person, generous and kind, she has a fresh and funny personality. She dislikes commitments and prefers to avoid conflicts. She keeps a relationship with Julián, her father’s worst enemy, and believes he loves her back but she doesn’t really find love until she meets Luis. She was always Julia’s confidant, a person she loves and supports.

  • Tomás

    Actor:Juan Pablo Medina

    A neurotic, obsessive compulsive young man. He was Julia’s classmate when they were in College. He has always been in love with her, but he kept it in secret to maintain her friendship. He married Berenice, but he ruined their marriage when Julia disappeared and he spent all his time and money on finding her. He never believed she voluntarily ran away and he always blamed Mauricio for her disappearance. When she returns, Tomás decides not to waste any more time and goes after her.

  • Braulio

    Actor:Juan Martin Jauregüi

    A good-hearted, simple, and generous man. He owns a small restaurant in the north of the country where he decided to wander off after losing his wife and kid in an accident. Lorena appears in his life asking him for help, so he offers her a job in his restaurant. He falls in love with her and their relationship grows so that they finally decide to marry. However, Braulio learns she is Julia Borges but decides not to say anything in order to prevent losing her. When she remembers who she is and runs away to recover her life, Braulio follows her in an attempt to recover the woman he loves.

  • Abraham

    Actor:Héctor Kotsifakis 

    He is a former hitman who works as a recruiter in Nuevos Horizontes. He is always ready to do anything for his boss, Dr. Miller, to whom he keeps absolute loyalty even when he looks down on him or asks him to do despicable things. He keeps a secret relationship with Lía, but not even she is above Dr. Miller to him.