As the years pass by, Marissa turns into a beautiful and happy woman; but on the day of her wedding with César, whom she loves with all her soul, a woman named Maria Eugenia, shows up at the church claiming she is pregnant with Cesar’s child. This proves Marisa that Cesar has been unfaithful to her. This new shock transforms her life; Marisa Santibañez becomes cold, hard, and stubborn…she is a wooden woman.

Marisa’s sister Aída is a shy and dreamy girl. One day, Marissa and her aunt Piedad are forced to look for help after having a problem with the land at the ranch. When this happens, Carlos, the son of the cook, arrives at the house and Aída, very romantically falls in love with him.

Carlos is a biologist and he works with a group of ecologists who send him to the ranch, “Las Cumbres”, to work on an investigation. When he arrives at the ranch, the chemistry between Carlos and Marissa is immediate which provokes Efrain’s fury. Efrain is in charge of the ranch and wishes to marry Marissa in order to take over her fortune. Piedad is Erfrain’s accomplice and with her help, he has been tearing down trees illegally and enriching himself by selling wood. Marissa loves her aunt like a mother and would never suspect that Piedad, while being in love with Cesar and consumed by her jealousy, would hire Maria Eugenia to prevent the wedding. Piedad also plans to take over the ranch. She is going to hire an actor who like Don Aaron, Marisa’s father, and create a bogus situation in which she would make her loose her mind.

In all this turmoil, Piedad and Marisa ignore a truth; and this is that Don Aaron and the Lucrecia did not die in the accident. Don Aaron was rescued by a mysterious woman who was always in love with him and when she realized he had lost his memory in the accident, she kept the secret in order to keep him by her side. Cruz, the town’s healer, found Lucrecia. Cruz and her wife could not have a child so they decided to keep the secret as well and kept the baby. The child suffered terrible burns in her face. She was left with a scar, that made her an irritable and unhappy girl; very different from her sister Aida’s audacity and self-confidence.

When Marisa finds out that Aida is in love with Carlos, she realizes that her little sister will never be happy with a man who is much older than she is so she decides to get his attention in order to separate Carlos from her little sister. She knows this can make her loose her sister’s love, but the only thing important for her is to prevent her young sister from getting hurt. Just like the way she suffered when loosing Cesar, but Marissa is fooled, because Carlos has wakened a burning fire of love inside her wooden hart. A love that could bring back either happiness or a love that can consume her just like the fire in that tragic accident in the woods years ago, which turned her infant joy into ashes and took the lives of her two beloved family members.