From the city of Zacatecas, Florecita sets off on a long journey to the United Status with her sister Isela and her grandmother Cleotilde. They intend to join her father Ruben, and her brothers Rodrigo and Victor, already living in Miami. It is a road pitted with danger and pain; old Cleotilde dies on the way and her granddaughters have no choice but to bury her in the desert. Stricken with grief, the girls decide to keep going, clinging to the hope of finding their father. After endless suffering, they eventually reach Miami, only to discover that Ruben has become an alcoholic.

Florecita and her siblings believe that their mother, Gabriela, is dead, when in fact, she is alive and residing in Miami. Gabriela has remarried and is now a famous TV celebrity. Unaware of their relation, mother and daughter will eventually be reunited.

But for now, Florecita finds work selling flowers in the street, where one day she meets Julio Alberto and his fiancée, Gloria, who are soon to be married. However, Gloria dies on their wedding day and Julio Alberto’s heart is shrouded in pain. Once in a while, he sees Florecita in the street and stops to say hello. The lovely smile if the innocent flower girl slowly creeps into his heart, and his life begins to feel less empty.

Julio Alberto’s mother, Rebeca, lives with her three children in the mansion of her twin sister, Raquel, who supports them. The two sisters hate each other, and Rebeca cannot wait for Raquel to die so she can inherit her vast fortune. But Raquel will hold the winning hand in the end. When she learns that she has a terminal cancer, she decides to leave all her possessions to the flower girl. The day the will is read, Rebeca is beside herself with fury, and she persuades Julio Alberto to court the naïve young girl, who believes him and agrees to marry him. With diabolical cunning, Rebeca manages to steal away Florecita’s inheritance and, once she is penniless, puts her out on the street.

Julio Alberto’s betrayal wounds Florecita more deeply than the loss of her fortune, since she never wanted the money to begin with. Determined to get on with her life, she seeks out a job as a cleaning maid in the house of the Dalmacci family, where Jorge, the eldest son, is fascinated by the purity of her soul and falls in love with her. Florecita suddenly finds herself at a crossroads, because Jorge wishes to marry her, but Julio Alberto has come to realize how much he truly loves her and begs her to return to him. To which of the two does her heart belong?