Perla is a young woman who lives in a small town with her parents, Fidel and Olga, and her half-brother Ramon. She is a waitress in a seafood restaurant owned by Don Jeronimo, who is in love with her. Elmer, Don Jeronimo’s unscrupulous bodyguard, murders Perla’s boyfriend and threatens to kill Fidel if she doesn’t marry her boss. Terrified, Perla gives in and, although her father is against it, Olga and Ramon are elated by the prospect of having money. Enrique, Don Jeronimo’s son, is insanely jealous because he is obsessed by Perla’s beauty.

Gabriel is a well-off acoustics expert who lives in Mexico City. A tragic episode in his past for which he blames himself (the disappearance of his little brother when they were children) drove him to study for the priesthood. When he met and fell in love with Sonia, however, his life took a new direction, but he has never stopped searching for his lost brother.

While on a short trip to Mexico City, Perla, who has had premonitions all her life, happens to cross paths with Gabriel in the hotel elevator and, on a sudden impulse, tells him he will soon find his brother. Gabriel is astounded by the words of that beautiful stranger.

The wedding takes place and, during the banquet, someone murders Don Jeronimo. Enrique accuses Fidel, who flees to the capital. Sick and penniless, Fidel is helped by Lety, a kind-hearted and hard-working merchant who, as fate would have it, is being harassed by Sebastian, Don Jeronimo’s brother. Concerned for her father’s welfare, Perla travels to Mexico City to try to find him. She is accompanied by her father’s best friend, Andres. Neither of them realizes that they are being watched by Enrique and Sebastian’s henchmen.

After many hardships, Andres finds work as a harp player in a restaurant, and it is here that Fidel finds him. Father and daughter have a joyous reunion, and Perla and Lety soon become best friends. Perla trains to become a subway conductor and begins to work, and there she meets Gabriel for the second time. Their friendship soon blossoms into a passionate love, although he is already engaged to Sandra. Knowing that Perla loves music, Gabriel recommends her with his friend Adolfo, who hires her as a disk jockey in his discotheque, and she turns out to be a great success.

But what appears to be a happy ending is only the beginning of an intricate plot of jealousy, persecution and suffering that threatens to destroy Perla, leading her through a dark labyrinth from which she will only be able to escape following “The Tracks of Love.”