This is a touching story of love, intrigue and secrets that revolves around two couples. The first one is David Genoves and Gabriela Guillen, a kind-hearted, intelligent girl who works as a waitress in the restaurant that David manages and belongs to his father, Mario Genoves.

The second couple is formed by Juan Jose, who spent 11 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, and Alejandra, a young architect who belongs to the elite social class, much too high for Juan Jose, but he falls in love with her at first sight and will fight to win her heart.

When Gabriela and her sister Julieta start working in the restaurant, David feels immediately drawn to her, but he is not the only one; Carlos, his partner, is also impressed by the young girl’s beauty. They soon become fierce rivals, but even though Gabriela is in love with David, the problems that arise between them make her doubt his sincerity, especially when she meets Leonardo, a police commander who becomes her protector, and cannot reveal that he too has fallen in love with her. Months will go by before she finally accepts that she truly loves David, and that his affection is real; however, their relationship will be difficult and conflictive due to Carlos’ intrigue and David’s jealous nature.

Gabriela is unaware of the fact that Fausto, her father, and Mario Genoves knew each other many years ago, and they share a dark, painful secret. Now, the reunion of these two men coincides with a terrible tragedy: Mario learns that he suffers from an inoperable tumor and has little time left to live. To protect his son’s inheritance—knowing that his partner Adolfo is a ruthless, corrupt individual who would steal all his money—Mario persuades Fausto to wear a disguise and take his place to deceive everyone, until the term of his partnership with Adolfo expires. To this end, he builds a secret tunnel connecting his mansion with the abandoned house next door. There, Fausto will istall his make-up workshop, in order to impersonate Mario.

And, what about Alejandra and Juan Jose? Well, she will share her uncle Mario’s secret and be in charge of building the secret tunnel, while Juan Jose will suddenly learn that he has inherited a fabulous fortune, which will enable him not only to fight for Alejandra’s love, but to ally himself with Fausto and Mario in their daring plan, since he, also, has an account to settle with the evil Adolfo.

Also, Commander Leonardo Faidella will play an important role when he investigates and uncovers Adolfo’s criminal activities. Their final confrontation will be a crucial element for the outcome of this exciting and romantic story.

“The Hidden Truth” is a thrilling telenovela that will captivate the audience from the first episode, the story of a secret that could save... or destroy forever... the happiness of our characters.