After the great success of “rich people also cry”, considered as one of the most successful mexican soap operas by the audience as well as by the critics, producer Valentín Pimstein, brings together the same young artists who caused a great stir with that production. he presents them now with an increased professionalism and maturity in his new soap opera: “savage rose”.

Verónica Castro, a young actress who is valued very highly abroad, as one of the most elegant mexican actresses plays the leading role as Rose. Rose is a young unaffected poor girl who with the passing of time and many adventurous events and suffering evolves into an elegant and distinguished woman.

Guillermo Capetillo plays the role of Ricardo, her husband. he is a young millionaire, a somewhat impulsive and rash man. he marries her out of a whim, but in the end, he really falls in love with her. Nevertheless, when he does, it’s already too late.

Due to his great ability and professionalism, Guillermo Capetillo plays as well Rogelio’s character; he is the twin brother of Ricardo’s and thus gives life to characters of completely opposed and complex personalities.

Edith González is also in this casting. Edith last performance was “Monte Calvario,” and now she gives a 180-degree change playing an antagonistic role.

Laura Zapata, after being away from the tv screen for a long time is making her comeback as Dulcina, Guillermo’s spinster sister. Dulcina has an embittered and destructive disposition. Liliana Abud and Liliana Weimer give support with their roles to emphasize this production histrionic features. Armando Calvo and Mrs. Magda Guzmán, both distinguished and experienced actors play in this soap opera as well.

“Savage Rose,” will most certainly amuse you with the pranks and problems of a young girl who faces life fearlessly in order to obtain happiness.

During their wedding night, Ricardo Linares questions himself about the enormity of his deeds when he married Rose García, a humble and unaffected young girl who loves and admires him with all her might. this young handsome and very rich young man is worried because due to his ruthlessness and arrogance, he decided to teach a lesson to his half-sisters Dulcina and Cándida who are penny-pinching and domineering women, fruit of his father’s first marriage. his sisters were set on getting him married with Leonela Villareal, and out of spite and to show them that they are no match for him, he decided to do something as rash as getting married with a poor girl, a decision that he is beginning to regret.

Rose, a beautiful and very nice young girl has very little schooling and very bad manners. She was used to ramble around her neighborhood and hang out with a gang of teenagers younger than she. They steal some prunes in an elegant huge mansion, no other than the Linares’ mansion. Dulcina sees her stealing the prunes and threatens to accuse her to the police; nevertheless Ricardo realizes what is going on and helps her. As from that moment, Rose falls in love with Ricardo and he becomes her friend. However, Dulcina and Cándida put increasing pressure on their su brother to marry Leonela. He suddenly sees in rose and instrument to show his sisters that he is his own master and won’t let anyone rule his life. He decides to marry rose without being in love with her because he considers her vulgar and ignorant.

The scandal that this provokes to Ricardo’s sisters makes them call her “savage” and a shame for their jet set environment. They become Leonela’s accomplices to make their new sister-in-law’s life a living hell so that she leaves their house as soon as possible.

Rogelio, Ricardo’s twin brother has a very sweet and understanding disposition and seems to be the only one that accepts that poor young girl who is even looked down by the servants. In his younger days, Rogelio had an accident that crippled him and forced him to use crutches for the rest of his life. This is why he is aggrieved by an inferiority complex that has dulled his temper, turning him into a sad and somber man.

Rose and Rogelio’s friendship give Dulcina and Cándida a chance to make Ricardo think that something besides friendship is going on between them. This fact makes rose run away from the Linares’ mansion and goes back living with Tomasa, the woman who looked after her since she was a little girl, a woman who loves her as a mother. She is updated on everything about rose’s, life, and a past that hasn’t been fortunate. When Rose was born, Paulette her mother was forced to give Rose to Tomasa, her nanny. Paulette’s parents were very traditionalist people who were horrified that their jet set friends knew that their daughter had a child without being married. That was why Rose had to grow up in a totally different environment to the one that she was entitled to, something that turned her into a “Savage Rose”.

Ricardo starts having feelings for rose and makes her come back to the mansion, but not for long because Dulcina and Cándida tell Rose the real reason why Ricardo married her. On the other hand, through Tomasa, Paulette who had never stopped looking for her daughter, finds her at last and takes her with her to give her a proper education and turn her into a well bred and refined young girl.

Shortly after, rose finds out that she is pregnant and with her mother’s help decides to better herself. She takes this as an opportunity to revenge on the Linares for all the harm that they inflicted on her.

Pablo, Paulette’s stepson, falls in love with Rose, but she continues loving Ricardo even if she doesn’t forgive him.

Rose gives birth to a baby boy and almost at the same time, her mother dies of a heart attack. Rose inherits from her mother a very big state and many enterprises, which rose will have to manage.

Ricardo and rose run into each other; he knows that she has a baby and offers to help her; she refuses and tells him that neither she nor her son need him.

In the business world that Rose is living now, she meets Galiardo, a multimillionaire that woes her. Rose is set on revenging and demands Ricardo to divorce her.

During the last hearing for the ruling of their divorce, Rose announces that she is going to marry Galiardo. Ricardo, who is madly in love with her feels desperate to lose her and makes his last attempt to recover her and succeeds. Rose gives in to the great love that she feels for Ricardo; Rose breaks her engagement with Galiardo and makes up with Ricardo. In the end, the couple and their son live happily ever after.