Andrea Sanvicente is a young lawyer, an intelligent, modern woman with a passion for law and justice that drives her to defend the rights of those less fortunate.

Andrea and her younger sister, Gina, live with their uncle Anselmo, their aunt Zulema and their cousin Magda. Their aunt Zulema has led everyone to believe that Andrea and Gina’s father died, as well as Alicia, their mother.

Zulema has taken pains to remind them of the sacrifices she and Anselmo have made to provide them with a home and an education. This, and the fact that her uncle Anselmo is retired and suffers from a severe case of diabetes, has turned Andrea into the main breadwinner of the family.

Andrea falls in love with Ramiro, a young man from a wealthy family. They are about to be married, in spite of the opposition of his father. However, destiny has yet another painful test in store for Andrea. After the pain of losing Ramiro, Andrea will meet two men, Eduardo and Mauricio, who are destined to awaken her heart once more.

Mauricio is a superficial young man who has always lived under the shadow of his father, Augusto, a rich and powerful textile merchant. Mauricio has never experienced true love, but when he meets Andrea he will find the courage to try to break free from his past and find happiness with her.

Eduardo Rivadeneyra, like Andrea, is a brilliant young lawyer. Destiny will make them meet as rivals in the battlefield of the courtroom. Their work brings them close and they discover they have much in common. Eventually, they fall in love, but their past will not allow them to be together.

Our three main characters are like pawns in the hands of fate. One woman, Andrea, is willing to find love again. Two men, Eduardo and Mauricio, will fight for her love. Which of the two will finally overcome all the obstacles that life has placed in their path and win Andrea’s heart?... Andrea will realize that she, too, must face all adversity if she wants to find happiness again; but in the end, only one will hear her say, “You are my destiny”.