Cristina is a young girl whose sweet disposition endears her to everyone at “El Platanal,” her father’s beautiful hacienda. Her father, Don Severiano Alvarez, is a rugged, iron-willed rancher. His foreman, Diego Hernández, is a strong, handsome young man who is madly in love with Cristina, and she surrenders herself, body and soul, to his passion.

Cristina admits to her father that she is pregnant with Diego’s child. Severiano sends her to the city with her servant Raquela. There, her daughter is born. Federico Rivero, a cruel and greedy individual, takes advantage of this situation and arranges for the baby María del Carmen to be brought to the hacienda as Raquela’s daughter.

In order to be close to her daughter, Cristina is forced to marry Federico. From this moment on, she will pass as María del Carmen’s “Godmother.” Federico causes an accident that leaves Cristina blind, and takes possession of her fortune.Years go by and María del Carmen is now a beautiful young girl. Cristina has taken pains to provide her with a good education.

Everyone at the hacienda loves her, especially José María, a lowly ranch hand. Believing she is Raquela’s daughter, he dreams of one day marrying her.The arrival of Federico’s nephew brings him great joy. Carlos Manuel is now a handsome young doctor who has recently completed his studies abroad.

Carlos Manuel falls in love with Déborah Falcón, not realizing that she is his uncle’s lover. When Federico finds out about their relationship, he looks for the way to drive them apart. María del Carmen falls in love with Carlos Manuel from the moment they meet. Realizing their young love, Déborah joins forces with Fedrico and manages to separate them, but for all their scheming, they are unable to kill their love.

Carlos Manuel persuades his friend and mentor Dr. Robles, an eminent ophthalmologist, to study Cristina’s case and help him carry out the delicate operation that will restore her sight. Dr. Robles is anxious to help Cristina because he has fallen secretly in love with her. Meanwhile, Federico is determined to possess María del Carmen. He tries to take her by force, but Cristina stops him.

This story, filled with surprising twists and compelling emotions, will bring to life the most intimate feelings the human heart is capable of experiencing, the powerful strength of true love, and the passionate surrender in a quiet whisper, “Embrace me.”