In the village of San Fernando, the people are gathered to celebrate the betrothal of Camila, daughter of Don Justo Darien, and Santiago, the handsome blacksmith. The festivities are rudely interrupted by the henchmen of Don Jorge Mancera y Ruiz, the local overlord, who has decided to exercise his “Driot de Seigneur” with Camila. Santiago is wounded when he tries to stop them and, in order to save his life, Camila agrees to go with them. Later, in Don Jorge’s bedchambers, the lord drinks himself into a stupor and falls asleep without having touched her. Camila manages to escape and make her way back to the village, only to find that Santiago is seriously hurt. To make matters worse, nobody believes that she remains a virgin.

A few days later, the village is sacked by vicious pirates. The peasants are easily overcome; some are lead back to the ship in chains, to be sold as slaves in the Caribbean. Among them is Camila. The captain of the pirate vessel, known as “The Antillean,” finds her attractive and, in a brief moment of weakness, feels moved to protect her from her cruel fate. But the moment quickly passes. Camila is eventually sold on the island of La Mariana to a bitter old man named Don Timoteo de Salamanca y Almonte. His plan is simple and Machiavellian, to leave his hated family in ruin by marrying his slave and naming her his sole heir.

Not long after, Don Timoteo passes away and Camila finds herself free and in possession of a vast fortune. She returns to San Fernando, where she learns that everyone, including Santiago, believed her dead, and now he is married to her sister Rita. A short time later, Don Timoteo’s nephew, Ricardo, turns up unexpectedly. He is none other than “The Antillean.” The handsome buccaneer once again feels the need to protect her. Camila knows that he has come to recover his family’s money, and yet, against her better judgment, she falls in love with him, and he with her. Meanwhile, Santiago’s old feelings for Camila are rekindled, and a fierce rivalry springs up between him and Ricardo.

When Santiago professes his love to Camila, her heart is torn in two, but she knows she can no longer have him. Ricardo, a fugitive of the law, a proud, indomitable rogue, has awakened her soul to a love that grows stronger with each passing day, and, for the first time, her body is stirred with the flames of burning passion.