The story takes place in “La Encantada,” an old hacienda located in the conservative city of Puebla. This is the home of Claudio and Amparo Martorel, who own an important perfume company. Their son Adrian lives with them. He has just returned from Chicago, where he studied for a Masters degree.

Adrian is engaged to Raquel, a superficial and greedy woman who is secretly plotting with Alvaro, Claudio’s chauffeur, to get hold of Adrian’s position and money. Upon his return, Adrian finds Mariana, his childhood sweetheart, at the hacienda.

Mariana, an intelligent, beautiful and kind-hearted girl, had lived all her life in “La Encantada,” until she ran away for no apparent reason and took refuge in a boarding school, where she intended to become a nun. The kind sisters Angeles and Jovita, and father Gonzalo, have cared for her and become her spiritual advisers.

However, after her father’s death, Mariana decides to return to “La Encantada.” Adrian and Mariana realize that they have never stopped loving each other; but between them stands Raquel, who will stop at nothing to separate them.

Mariana has returned to the hacienda to take care of her younger brothers, who have been left in charge of their older brother Cástulo. Cástulo accuses Mariana of causing their father’s death. After many arguments, she finally tells him the reason for her running away—the sexual harassment of Emiliano Martorel, Claudio’s brother—and Cástulo tries to take revenge, but all he manages to obtain is Emiliano’s enmity.

In spite of his comfortable lifestyle and his family life with Flor, his wife, and his son Marco Vinicio, Emiliano has always felt a passionate hatred toward his brother Claudio. He is involved in shady deals with Loló de la Bárcena, a high society lady whose business is far from legal.

Claudio is carrying on a secret affair with the woman who will be the image of the new scent “Arrebato”, a ravishing model named Montserrat, who is truly in love with him. When Amparo discovers her husband’s infidelity, she demands a divorce and resolves to go back to her former position in the company and launch her own perfume. The formula for “Arrebato” is stolen by Emiliano, who frames a chemist for the fraud, Dr. Carmen Albán, who has worked at the company for many years and is Amparo’s right hand. Not satisfied with ruining her reputation, Emiliano will also make her daughter, Arcelia, a victim of his wrath.

Mariana has tried to distance herself from Adrian, but he has sworn that he will break off his engagement with Raquel to marry her. In her desperation, Raquel claims that Adrian has gotten her pregnant when, in fact, the child belongs to another. Salud stands up for her granddaughter even though, deep inside, she knows that their marriage will be based on a lie.

Montserrat has gathered proof of Emiliano’s fraudulent business deals and places herself in danger. Adrian confronts Montserrat, telling her that, if she truly loves Claudio, she must leave him to avoid destroying his life and reputation. When Claudio finds out, he changes his will, leaving everything to Adrian and Raquel’s child. Flor, Emiliano’s wife knows a secret that would clear up many things, but she remains silent because she still loves him.

The family is powerless to contest the will, but Emiliano finds a loophole that will enable him to lay his hands on his brother’s money. However, Montserrat and Emiliano’s son have uncovered the truth about all the crimes he has committed and are determined to see that justice is done.

In the midst of this storm of passions, Adrian decides to renounce the inheritance to be by Mariana’s side, but Mariana knows that she will cause his ruin if she stays, so she chooses to leaves him, sacrificing her own happiness. Greed and evil threaten to destroy their deep, innocent love.