Blanca is a beautiful young woman who sings every night in a nightclub. Her boyfriend, mariano díaz de león, is a distinguished young architect. Blanca is very much in love with him and doesnt suspect that he has been deceiving her all along, because he is a married man.

Blancas parents died a few years back, and she shares an apartment with mica, her dresser. Fernanda, marianos wife, is completely unaware of his affair with blanca, whom he sees almost every night while his wife believes him to be attending business meetings.

Julio, Blanca's childhood friend, comes to visit after inheriting a vast fortune and, by chance, mariano takes him to the nightclub, where he falls in love with blanca at first sight. He tells fernanda about blanca, and she asks julio to take her to the show. There, they run into mariano, and fernanda introduces herself to blanca.

When Blanca realizes the truth about mariano, she agrees to go on a date with julio out of spite; however, once she gets to know him, she really falls in love with him, and they get married.

Mariano is furious and swears he will have his revenge. He and his partner, efrain, persuade julio to invest with them in a costruction project. They purchase an unsuitable piece of land and forge the construction permits to build in julios name.

When a worker dies due to the faulty construction, julio confronts mariano, who blames it all on efrain. Julio seeks out efrain and, during a heated argument, efrain falls out of a window and dies. Julio is arrested for fraud and murder, and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Blanca gives birth to a girl and mariano visits her. Blanca realizes that mariano is the one who framed her husband. He admits his crime and blanca suffers a heart attack. Mariano takes advantage of this and smothers her with a pillow as he exclaims, "if i cant have you, no man will!"

Mariano pays micaela to get rid of the child, but mica cannot bring herself to do it and decides to raise little azucena as her own. The little girl grows up lonely and exploited, since she has to sing in the street and on buses to support mica and her son neto, a bad and lazy boy.

Azucena meets a rich boy called daniel and they become good friends. Daniel encourages azucena to study and better herself. As the years go by, the friendship between azucena and daniel becomes true love, but this love will have to face terrible suffering and long buried secrets, because daniel is the son of mariano and fernanda díaz de león.

When mariano meets his sons girlfriend, he sees blancas ghost in her face, because azucena is the living image of her mother. By means of intrigue and deceit, they manage to drive daniel and azucena apart. The young man abandons her, not knowing that she is expecting his child.

Julios good behavior earns him his freedom, and he emerges from prison determined to find his daughter, and to get even with mariano díaz de león. Meanwhile, azucena must search her heart to find out her true feelings for daniel: unmitigated hatred, or a deep, passionate love.