Charito is a lovely peasant girl who has fallen in love with Orlando, a wealthy young man whose parents oppose their relationship. To be together, the two run away to the capital, but immediately fall on hard times.

Orlando can not find a job and Charito not only gets pregnant but also falls ill and must be hospitalized. In way over his head, Orlando abandons her and runs back to his family, where Sandra, his ex-girlfriend, gets her hooks back into him. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Charito meets Sol, a good-hearted lounge singer, and Sols journalist friend, Jose Enrique. Jose Enrique falls in love with Charitos sweetness.

When Charito gives birth, Orlandos mother arrives and takes the baby, ostensibly to care for him while Charito recuperates. But once back in the country, Carolina gives the baby away to a servant and falsifies a death certificate for him, which she shows Charito when she arrives to reclaim her child. Jose Enrique takes it upon himself to get Charitos baby back because he cant bear to see her suffer. Charito, who has refused to accept his love, begins to love him herself...