The poor and innocent Maria Mercedes must raise her family on her own. Her father is a drunk and her mother left her when she was a little girl (but her mother is always on her mind). A professional street urchin, she does whatever she has to do to keep food on the table and a roof over her familys heads, no matter how ungrateful they are.

Santiago del Olmo is monstrously wealthy and has a beautiful mansion in the richest part of city. Although he is dying, he isnt in peace knowing that his villainous and money-hungry sister-in-law, Malvina, will be his sole heir. One day, Santiago is in the gardens when he spots Meche.

A large proposal, a marriage, a will, and a conniving plan by a crazed Malvina will turn the lives of everyone in the house of del Olmo upside down especially that of Jorge Luis, Malvinas tormented son with whom Meche falls in love...