Season 1

The stage will sparkle with the presence of some...

Pequeños Gigantes... your dreams can make you big.

Pequeños Gigantes is Televisa’s new reality show which will gather, once more, the Mexican families in front of the TV, in an incredible show that will make the most of the best thing there is: children’s magic.

Produced by Ruben and Santiago Galindo, the kids aged between 4 and 12 will astonish us on stage with their talent in singing, dancing, acting and doing comedy. This is the new launch pad for the future stars.

Pequeños Gigantes was designed to enhance and show teamwork, sports culture, honesty and all the things that add value to our Mexican identity.

Grouped in teams, week after week the kids will compete to show off their charm and gifts throughout different tests, making of the show an endless range of surprises and emotional moments.

Pequeños Gigantes… ¡the show that will prove to us that everything is better when seen through the eyes of the kids!


This highly successful program pushed UNIVISION’s rating ahead of FOX and ABC after garnering more than 3 million viewers.

The most widely watched talent show in Spanish.

U.S.A, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Paraguay have been witnesses to the incredible success of this format, achieving a total leadership in its emission from beginning to end.

And now, it makes its way to Europe. Spain is the first country that puts its bets on LITTLE GIANTS.

A truly ambitious combination that gathers the best of all talent show formats starring kids.


• A dance, singing and talent competition in teams made up by children.

• 5 teams made up by 1 singer, 1 dancing couple, and 1 special talent.

•Each team has a godfather. A celebrity who will experience every exciting moment alongside his or her team during the Little Giant’s competition.

• A jury made up by three well-known celebrities, who were child celebrities at some point.

•Incredible performances on stage as well as an exciting backstage in which the teams and their godparents will share the excitement of each episode.

• Weekly follow-up VTRs that show each team’s hard work.

•An exciting competition dynamic that enhances the emotion of each episode and the entire show.



Phase 1: Casting and creation of the teams.


Phase 2: Performances of the teams without risk of elimination.


Phase 3: Eliminations

EPISODES 11 – 13

Phase 4: Semifinal and Grand Finale

Note: The amount of episodes depends of the needs of each client’s programming. The minimum episodes produced are 6 and maximum 17.


LITTLE GIANTS, 5 teams will compete in each episode showing their talent to get through to the last phase and be crowned the winners of the competition.

Each TEAM will be made up by:

1 singer (kid).

1 couple of dancers.

1 very talented kid.

1 celebrity GODFATHER who will accompany, motivate, and lead the little ones.

Each week, our competitors will be assessed and scored by 3 JUDGES who in the past were child celebrities themselves.

During the competition, the TEAMS with the lowest score will be eliminated. The two best will face each other in the FINAL SHOW.


Phase 1: Casting and creation of the teams

During this first episode we will show the final phase of the casting in which each Godfather will choose:

1 singer

1 couple of dancers

1 talented kid

In the show, the godfather will introduce the members of his team that he chose, and if he is second guessing, he will show the jury a maximum of two options per category. They judges will choose who will be a part of the team.

At the end of this episode we will have 5 TEAMS, who will face each other in the rest of the episodes.


Phase 2: Performances of the teams without risk of elimination

5 TEAMS compete.

All 5 TEAMS compete with individual performances with the objective of accumulating the highest amount of points.

Each member of the jury will score each performance individually, and all scores will be averaged out.

The general score of the TEAM will be the sum of all scores: singing + dancing + special talent.

During this episode no team will be eliminated from the competition. Each team will have the chance to fight to stay in the competition and show their talent on stage for another week.

EPISODES 6 - 10:

Phase 3: Eliminations

The same mechanics as episode 2 will be used.

The emotion will be growing with the elimination of the TEAM that has the lowest score in the final scoring of the episode.

From this phase on, one team will be eliminated in every episode until having 3 teams left.

EPISODES 11 - 13:

Phase 4: Semifinal and Grand Finale

3 TEAMS compete and 2 stay in the competition for the GRAND FINALE.

The same mechanics as Episodes 3 and 4 will be used, with a new addition: Each godfather will perform with one of the kids to get extra points:

Singing performance. 1 Godfather sings

Dancing performance. 1 Godfather dances

Special talent performance. 1 Godfather does the special talent performance.


The 2 FINAL TEAMS will face each other in the GRAND FINALE to be crowned the winners of the season.

It is a special episode with a different mechanic divided in 3 PHASES:

Phase 1:

Team competition with individual performances, accompanied by the celebrities.

Phase 2: Duels Phase

The 2 singers will face each other in individual performances.

The 2 dancing couples will face each other

The 2 kids with a special talent will face each other

The 2 godfathers will face each other

Phase 3: A wonderful performance by the team with all of its members.

The TEAM with the highest score will be crowned the winner of the show.