Dulce María is a cute little five-year-old girl, cheerful and full of love for everyone. When her mother dies, her father, Luciano Larios, is so overwhelmed by pain and grief that he feels he has to get away from everyone and everything. He places Dulce María in a boarding school run by nuns and goes abroad, leaving her in the care of his brother Gabriel, who is a priest. The only one who visits her is her aunt Estefanía, whom she calls affectionately “Auntie Wigs.”

All the nuns in the school dote on Dulce María because she’s a very sweet and loving child. Two in particular, Sister Cecilia and the chubby Sister Fortunata, will be her allies in all of her amusing and harmless escapades. These are patiently tolerated by the kind-hearted Mother Superior, the school principal, who is always aware of her responsibility in maintaining discipline, but also concerned about the well-being of everyone around her.

Dulce María has her own secret place in the school, an old, forgotten room. There, the little girl’s imagination takes flight and she sees and talks to her mother, Angelica, who gives her sound advice and tells her wonderful stories.

After an absence of two years, Luciano sends word that he is returning to Mexico, and Dulce María is bursting with joy. But her happiness soon fades when she sees her father arrive with a woman who fills her with misgivings from the start. Nicole, Luciano’s frivolous fiancée, is only interested in his money. Dulce María is nothing but a hindrance, and she immediately starts planning how to separate father and daughter for good.

Not wanting to lose her father’s love, and knowing he will not be happy with Nicole anyway, Dulce María sets to work on a bold plan to make Luciano break off the engagement. Besides, Dulce María has a someone in mind who would make a much better new mom: Sister Cecilia. Nicole is called away unexpectedly, and Dulce María jumps at the opportunity to play Cupid between her dad and the beautiful novice.

Luciano realizes that he is not really in love with Nicole, and he begins to have feelings for Cecilia. The young novice finds herself doubting her religious vocation whenever she is near Luciano, and she must now decide if she will take her vows, or renounce them and listen to the voice of her heart.

This is a story brimming with laughter, tears, and the innocent mischief of childhood. Dulce Maria’s sweet and spontaneous smile will bring joy, tenderness and comfort to all the people who are lucky enough to be a part of the world, and the fantasy, of little “Angel Face.”