“Stand Up For Your Country” is a new musical talent prime-time show, inspired in the millions of videos on the web where parents and children get together to sing and dance.

“Stand Up For Your Country” will take the most recent internet celebrities into TV stars. People that have gone viral on the internet such as duets between parents and kids, will now finally get a chance to perform and showcase their talent in a television set, in front of a very demanding jury: the audience.

Parents and kids will get an entire country off of their seats to cheer their talent. For the first time, these duets will be recognized and awarded.

Going from a web celebrity to a television star is finally a reality…

“Stand Up For Your Country” is a multiplatform and interactive format. For the first time in television history, the audience will have the power to choose which duets will make it into the competition from the very beginning.

There will be a website for the show, to which the duets made by parents and their kids will have to upload a video of them performing together to sign up to the competition.

From the moment in which the videos are uploaded, the audience will be able to vote for their favorite duets, creating a group of fans for each duet.

The platform will stay active throughout every episode, which will help show the impact that each duet has had on different social media sites, as well as showing extra content, and giving the duets and their fans a chance to speak up.


Episodes 1 - 4: Casting

150 contestants, only 18 duets will make it to the next phase.

Episodes 5 - 9: Competition (Duets, themes shows and musical challenges)

18 duets, only 8 will make it to the semifinal.

Episodes 10 - 11: Semifinals

8 duets, only 3 will make it to the final.

Episode 12: The Grand Finale

1 winning duet.


The more people that are standing after a performance, the more points that are awarded to the contestants. However, the judges opinion is very important. The judges will be isolated in an amazing construction called “The Music Box”, where nothing will influence their decision while voting. Their scores will be revealed until this box is opened.



More than 100 standing up 1 point.

More than 200 standing up 2 points.

More than 300 standing up 4 points.

More than 400 standing up 8 points.

ENTIRE set standing up (500 people) 10 points.


Each judge standing up awards 3 points

Note: The scoring system is different during the semifinals.


Programs 1-3: CASTING

The 150 top rated videos on the show’s website will become potential candidates for the studio casting.

The aim of these first 3 programmes is to select the 30 duos who will go through to the final casting phase. (THE CHOSEN ONES)

During each program there will be 50 couples in the studio, but they won’t all be able to compete, that decision is up to the jury who decides who will perform duets on stage and be voted on by the public and jury.

The chosen couples perform their first act, which is the same one they posted on the site.

To move to the next phase, duos need at least 5 points, combining the votes given by the jury and the public.



The 30 duets will be in the academy of “Stand Up For Your Country” to get to know each other and choose a partner to perform with in this episode.

There will be 15 performances of 2 duets that will perform together. The score that each performance gets will be the same for both duets.

The double duets that do not get a score of 7 of higher will be eliminated from the competition.

At the end of this show, 18 duets will have been chosen (9 double duets), who will be a part of the competition.

Episodes 5 - 7: COMPETITION


18 duets compete to amaze the audience to stay in the first places of the classification.

2 types of performances:

Duets individual performances: each duets will have to defend their genre of choice by performing a song that they chose.

Team theme performances: each week, the production team will chose a theme in which all the performances will revolve around.

The teams will be made through a lottery, and will be made up 3 duets each, and the scoring will be the same for every duet in each team.

Episodes 8 - 9: COMPETITION


Two episodes to choose the duets that will go to the semifinals.

Divided in two stages:

Duets’ interventions: All 9 duets will perform a new song that they have worked on throughout the week.

Musical challenges: During these 2 episodes of this phase, we will surprise the contestants with a musical challenge. For example, they will have leave the stage to face the audience on the street.

Episodes 10 - 11: SEMIFINALS

The final phase of the show consists in two thrilling semifinals in which a new mechanics will be introduced:

1. Scoring: During this phase of the competition, each person that stands up after a performance will award one point, and each judge 100 points. Which means that one person in the audience might determine who goes to the final.

2. Performances:

Back to back: The duets will face their opponents without knowing who it is.

Duets + 1: The contestants will have a family member in their performance.

Each judge standing up will award 100 points.


3 duets:

During this episode we will learn which duet will be in the 3rd place, and then we will learn who is the winner among the 2 remaining duets.

2 performances:

1.An intervention of each duet with one of the judges: Each duet will have a performance with one of the judges, and will only get the ovation of the audience, but will not be told the actual score in numbers.

2.A performance of the finalist duos: The two final duets will once again try to get the support of the audience at home as well as the one present in set. The sum of the standing ovations in the set as well as the votes from home will determine who the winner is.