this is a Talent Show that follows the entire training, strategy, and launch processes of a new singer under the watchful eye of three devoted idols, to kick start the singer’s career in the music industry.

STAGE 1. THE SEARCH: The three idols search for singers between 16 and 23 years old to convert three of them into new music stars.

STAGE 2. THE CHALLENGE: At this stage, the three idols will challenge their 12 participants with two objectives:

- to demonstrate that their talent deserves to be in the show.

- for the participants to emotionally connect with the public.

STAGE 3. THE STRATEGY: In this third phase, the three idols will ask the participants to show their artistic personality in order to stand out from the rest.

STAGE 4. THE TRANSFORMATION: In this fourth stage, the three idols are looking for their participants to evolve as artists, which is linked to a ‘makeover’ or transformation process.

STAGE 5. THE LAUNCH: In this last stage, the program’s promise is achieved: each one of the three idols will select a new music star.