Silvana is an eleven-year-old girl who dreams of being a singer. She lives in an elegant mansion with her father, Rolando, who loves her dearly, and her mother, Nora, a cold, greedy woman who has no time for Silvana. The other important person in her life is Macrina, the faithful nanny who has looked after her all her life.

One day, Silvana happens to be at a town fair and hears a young girl singing. Her name is Mariana and she bears an uncanny resemblance to her. After Mariana’s show, Silvana approaches her, and both girls realize that they look exactly alike. Moreover, they both feel as though they had known each other always. A strong bond soon develops between them and, though they start to see each other frequently, something tells them they should keep their friendship a secret.

Mariana is a sweet, gentle girl who lives with her mother, a simple seamstress called Rocío, her aunt Elena and her grandmother, Pura. She has a beautiful singing voice and dances very well, and Silvana, knowing that she herself has little talent, devises a plan for Mariana to substitute her at an audition for a pre-teen band that her uncle Gerardo pulled strings to get for her. At first, Mariana doesn’t like the idea, but she eventually gives in when Silvana offers to take her dreaded math exam in her place. Everything goes smoothly: Mariana is chosen for the musical group and Silvana passes the exam, and nobody is the wiser. But a dark cloud lurks ominously over the happiness of the two friends.

Rolando dies suddenly and Silvana sinks into a deep depression. Nora is stunned when she discovers that her husband has left her on the brink of financial ruin. Her brother Gerardo, however, reminds her that she still has one valuable asset: Silvana’s talent. Driven by greed, Nora and Gerardo put all their effort into getting her out of her depression for the sole purpose of exploiting her, but nothing the doctors do seems to work. One day, Mariana steals into the mansion to visit her sick friend, but she is seen by Nora and Gerardo, who immediately realize that she is Silvana’s twin sister, and it is she whom Gerardo heard at the audition. In order to secure their “little gold mine,” they kidnap Mariana and, by means of threats, force her to join the new music group. Having no further use for Silvana, they confine her to a small cabin in a far corner of the garden under the care of her nanny, and suspend her medical treatment.

Thus begins an extraordinary adventure, filled with danger and surprises that will keep the whole family in suspense up to the last episode. Aided by her new friends in the music group (to whom she reveals her true identity), Mariana will do everything in her power to rescue Silvana. Meanwhile, in desperation, Rocío will move heaven and earth to find her abducted child.

“Friends to the Rescue” is a compelling story where, amid tears and music, success and fear, a group of children will gradually come to understand that happiness is not found in popularity and money, but in true friendship, good will toward others and love.